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Little bites  of heaven . . .
moist cake,  topped with a cloud
of silky Swiss meringue buttercream,
all made from scratch, by hand,with love

vanilla cake with
lemon curd filling
and lemon buttercream

vanilla cake with
strawberry conserve filling
and strawberry buttercream

vanilla cake with
raspberry conserve filling
and raspberry buttercream

vanilla cake with
lime curd filling
and lime buttercream
Pistachio *

nutty pistachio cake with
silky pistachio buttercream
and chopped pistachios
Coconut Cream *

coconut cake with
coconut cream filling,
coconut buttercream
Chocolate Truffle

dark chocolate cake with
chocolate truffle filling
and chocolate buttercream
Chocolate Hazelnut*

dark chocolate cake with
hazelnut ganache filling,
hazelnut buttercream
and hazelnut praline crunch
Orange-Ginger Carrot*

orange-ginger carrot cake
with orange cream cheese
Chocolate Caramel

dark chocolate cake with
gooey caramel filling
and caramel buttercream
Crème Brûlée*

vanilla cake with
creamy custard filling,
French buttercream,
and brittle caramel shards

vanilla cake with
blackberry conserve filling
and blackberry buttercream,

More Flavors . . .
Chocolate Raspberry
dark chocolate cake with raspberry conserve filling and raspberry buttercream
Coconut Lime*
coconut cake with lime curd filling, coconut buttercream, and shredded coconut
Coconut Passion*
coconut cake with passion fruit curd filling, coconut buttercream, and shredded coconut
Toasted Almond*
toasted almond cake with almond cream cheese buttercream and almond praline crunch
Café au Lait
vanilla cake with creamy coffee buttercream
Coffee Walnut*
walnut cake with creamy coffee buttercream and candied walnut half
Black and White
dark chocolate cake with white chocolate buttercream
Vanilla Vanilla
vanilla cake with silky vanilla buttercream
Mocha Latte
dark chocolate cake with creamy espresso buttercream
Chocolate Orange
dark chocolate cake with orange curd filling and orange buttercream
Pumpkin Pecan*
spiced pumpkin pecan cake with pumpkin cream cheese buttercream
(* indicates a premium flavor)