All Forget-Me-Not cakes and fillings (buttercreams, mousses, fruit curds, conserves and ganaches) are handmade from scratch, by hand, with love, using the finest and freshest ingredients available: fresh dairy from pasture fed Sonoma cows; organic eggs from free-roaming Petaluma hens; real fruit; and the best gourmet chocolates, to create genuine, delicious taste and texture. We use NO preservatives or artificial flavorings in our cakes or fillings.


Lightly Lemon

Layers of tender Golden Buttermilk Cake, filled with our fresh, house made Lemon Curd and Lemon Silk Buttercream

Really Raspberry

Golden Buttermilk Cake, layered with our not-too-sweet, house made Raspberry Conserve and Raspberry Silk Buttercream

Blackberry Bounty

Golden Buttermilk Cake layered with delicious, house made Blackberry Conserve and Blackberry Silk Buttercream

Orange Ginger Carrot

Our customers tell us this is the best carrot cake they ever tasted! Deliciously moist and satisfying carrot cake with orange zest and nuggets of sweet ginger, layered with Orange Cream Cheese Buttercream

Summer Strawberry

Golden Buttermilk Cake with layers of our house made Strawberry Conserve and lightly sweetened, vanilla scented mascarpone cream

Black Velvet Truffle*

Layers of dark chocolate cake, filled with luscious, whipped bittersweet chocolate ganache . . . like biting into a truffle! *Additional fillings for our chocolate cake include Chocolate Buttercream; Espresso Buttercream; and Hazelnut Praline Buttercream

Purely Pistachio

A house specialty . . . layers of moist, pistachio-studded Pistachio Cake, alternating with the cool green of creamy Pistachio Silk Buttercream

Coconut Calypso

Tropical paradise in a cake!  Light layers of coconut cake embrace a creamy coconut filling and a touch of lime or passion fruit curd.  Try to stop eating this . . .

Toasted Almond

Flavorful layers of Toasted Almond Cake, filled with fresh, house made Raspberry Conserve and Almond Praline Cream Cheese Buttercream

Apple Pie Cake

Remember the Harvest Fair? . . this moist, country-style cake will take you right back. It's perfectly spiced with cinnamon, bursting with apple chunks, and filled with
cinnamon scented Cream Cheese Buttercream--yum!!

Pumpkin Pecan

The taste of Autumn . . crunchy pecans in the moist, spiced pumpkin cake contrast with creamy layers of Pumpkin Cream Cheese Buttercream

**Gluten Free versions of all our cakes are now available with a supplemental charge**