After a cake is baked, we cut it into horizontal layers, then spread a filling in between each of the layers.  So a  "four-layer cake" consists of four layers of cake sandwiched with three layers of filling--then the whole cake is frosted, or iced.  Wedding cakes are usually four-layer; for other celebrations, we generally provide a three-layer cake.


Picture a traditional wedding cake: it's a tower, constructed of three or more cakes of diminishing size, either stacked on top of each other, or perched on pillars.  Each of those cakes, or levels, is called a tier.

When you see the tiers stacked directly one on another, you can assume there's a hidden, internal support system--otherwise you'd have a very squished heap of cake!

Top Tier

We do NOT recommend freezing your top tier to save it for your 1st Anniversary--do you really want to eat something that's been in your freezer for a year??  Didn't think so!  Instead, when you order a custom designed, three tier wedding cake from Forget-Me-Not Cakes, we will provide, free of charge, a freshly baked and decorated 6" cake in time for your anniversary celebration.

Transporting and setting up the cake

We offer delivery and set up service for all cakes at an additional cost. All deliveries are prices based on distance. 

Kitchen Cake

Extra cake, made in exactly the same way as the presentation cake, with the same number of layers, and the same kind of frosting, but without the more elaborate decorations, and therefore less expensive.  Kitchen cake can be kept out of sight, ready to be cut and served at the same time as the main cake.

Fillings and Frostings

"Frosting" and "icing" generally refer to the outside coating of a cake and "filling" needs no explanation, but fillings are sometimes called frosting--hence the frequent confusion!

Buttercream (or Butter Cream)  is a silky-smooth and creamy whipped confection made from butter, sugar, and eggs (yolks, whipped whites, or a combination), then flavored to taste with fruit or fruit extract, chocolate, or other addition.  It may be used both to fill and to frost cakes.  If you think you don't like buttercream, it's probably because you've been given gritty, oily, over-sweet and over-colored imitations which contain little or no butter at all!  Be prepared to change your mind when you taste Forget-Me-Not buttercreams.  

Fruit Curd Made from fresh fruit purée or juice, eggs, sugar, and butter, gently cooked together, then chilled to form a spreadable treat. Tangy and intense in flavor, it makes a delicious filling in cakes and tarts.

Fruit Conserve Made from whole fruit and sugar, and though similar in appearance to jam, has a softer texture, a fresher, more intense fruit flavor, and is considerably less sweet than traditional jams and jellies.

Fondant (rolled fondant) is a sugar dough, extensively used for covering wedding and celebration cakes; it produces a smooth, alabaster like finish, which is dry to the touch.  The taste is similar to marshmallow, and it may be tinted and flavored, as well as cut into decorative shapes.  A word about fondant: You may have tasted fondant before, and not been impressed by the taste or texture!  Be assured that the imported Swiss fondant we use to cover our wedding cakes is superior in every way to "shop bought" varieties: we are able to roll it very thin, and drape it over a layer of our delectable buttercream or ganache, to achieve a sophisticated look and melt-in-the-mouth texture.  If you're anti-fondant, be prepared to change your mind!

Gumpaste (or sugarpaste) is a stronger cousin of fondant; it dries to a hard, porcelain like texture, and is used to create long-lasting sugar flowers, figurines, and other decorative items. 

Ganache is a satin-smooth mixture of melted chocolate and heavy cream.  It can be poured as a glaze to cover a cake, or whipped to form a truffle like filling.  Either way, it's addictive!

Royal Icing once a wedding cake icing staple, is now usually reserved for intricate piped designs on fondant.  It's made from sugar and egg whites, and once dried, is very hard, thus also making the perfect "glue" for attaching all those beautiful decorations! 

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