Forget-Me-Not Cakes (why Forget-Me-Not?) was created and is owned and operated by baker and
cake designer Sally Ann McGrath, a resident of the San Francisco North Bay Area.
Working from a commercial kitchen in Petaluma, Forget-Me-Not Cakes produces uniquely delicious
and beautiful cakes for weddings and celebrations of all kinds, baking from scratch with locally
sourced, organic eggs and dairy produce, real fruit, and the finest sugars, flours, and chocolates.

Our baking philosophy is "from scratch, by hand, with love".  We believe firmly that, however beautiful, a cake is only
as good as it tastes; we maintain that only fresh, real, natural ingredients can produce that delicious "like Grandma
used to make" taste for which our cakes are known.  We bake every cake and make every cream, conserve and
frosting from scratch, in small batches, using no mixes or artificial flavorings--we will never sacrifice flavor and
texture for convenience.

For those with a gluten intolerance, we now offer delicious, gluten free versions of all our cakes. Using our own
carefully developed blend of gluten free flours, we think we have achieved our goal: gluten free cakes that taste every
bit as good as our conventional cakes!

Design and Artistry

Sally Ann, a native Brit, moved with her husband Nick and their young children, to the United States in 1989, and
settled in the Bay Area in 1994.
Sally Ann has a life-long passion for all things culinary, and began her baking career as a tiny child, "helping" her
mother Kay, herself a renowned home baker.  Throughout her life, Sally Ann has delighted in creating hand baked,
mouthwatering and beautiful sweet treats for family and friends, and over many years has honed her baking and
decorating skills to a top  professional level.  She revels in the process of interpreting her clients' visions in edible
form, and loves to help them create a sweet centerpiece for a memorable celebration.

One of Sally Ann's special skills is the handcrafting of
exquisite sugar flowers, so realistic they are often mistaken for
the real thing--except that a sugar flower never wilts, and can be kept as a permanent memento, long after the cake
has been devoured.  She also loves working with fondant and chocolate, molding or sculpting unique motifs to
represent her clients' particular pastimes and passions.  Whatever the message, Sally Ann will find a way to say it in