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About Wedding Cakes
How much are your cakes?
That's almost impossible to answer in one sentence, since the price of a cake depends on so many
different elements--but as a general rule of thumb, our custom wedding cakes start at $8.00 per slice, and
most fall within the bracket of $8.00-$12.00 per slice. We have a minimum order of $400 for custom
wedding cakes. (Read on for less expensive options)

Can we come in for a tasting?
Absolutely!  If you wish to order a custom designed cake, we offer a private tasting and consultation, by
appointment, at our bakery in Petaluma, where you will have the opportunity to spend time looking
through our portfolio of work.  Sally Ann will listen carefully to your ideas, and talk you through all the
possibilities for your wedding cake.  This consultation and tasting for two people usually lasts about 45
minutes to one hour, and is arranged by appointment only.  Sally Ann will follow up by sending you a
detailed estimate and sketch, so that you can make informed choices at home.  

We're not having a fancy wedding, but we still want a delicious cake! Is there a less
expensive option?
Yes! We now offer a simpler way to order your cake--no fuss, no muss.
Download our "Sweetheart Cakes" packet here, and simply email your order. Please note that we
do not offer tastings or delivery with this option.

Where is your store?
Although we do not have our own retail storefront, we are fortunate to share space with Fourchette
Restaurant, at 1435 North McDowell Blvd., Petaluma. This beautiful commercial kitchen is where we
produce our cakes, and we hold consultations and tastings in the restaurant. As soon as you make your
tasting appointment, or order your cake, we'll send you directions.

When do we need to book our date?
Our calendar fills up fast, and early, each year.  In general, you should plan to book your wedding cake at
least three months in advance of your wedding date; in any case, should secure your date on our calendar
as soon as you have your venue booked.  We limit the number of wedding cakes we make on any one day,
so that we can give you our undivided attention from start to finish.  If you wish to reserve your wedding
date before you're able to come in for your consultation, a non-refundable deposit of $250 will do so; all
the details can be worked out later.  

We love the look of your cakes, but we're too far away to come for a tasting--what now?
No problem--we love helping out-of-state couples!  We can arrange everything by email, and if you're able
to come in for a tasting once you arrive in the Bay Area, all the better.  Or you can delegate a local friend
or family member to come and taste our cake (it's a terrible job, but someone has to do it, right?!) In any
case, you can rely on us to provide you with a cake that tastes even more delicious than you had hoped!

Are you licensed?
Yes, we are licensed by the State of California, and our kitchen is regularly inspected by the Health and
Safety Board.

Will you freeze my cake ahead of time?
No--we will bake your cake fresh, from scratch, by hand, with love, a day or two before your wedding.  
Sometimes this means finishing cakes late into the night—but that’s all part of our commitment to you!

What about delivery?
We will personally deliver and set up your custom wedding cake on site, as close to the time of the
wedding as is practical.  Delivery charges start at $50, and are based on distance and time involved.  At
this time, we are not able to ship our wedding cakes to other parts of the country.

Do you make wedding cupcakes?
Yes, we do--our cupcakes are always a huge hit!  We can customize the presentation to match your colors;
we'll set them up for you in a beautiful tiered arrangement, with a small  "cutting cake" on the top tier.

ownload our Wedding Cupcakes packet here

I'm gluten (or dairy) intolerant--can you make me a cake I can actually eat?
Yes, we have developed some delicious, moist cake and frosting recipes for those unfortunate enough to
suffer food allergies, so you, too, can eat cake!

Do you use shortening in the cakes or frostings?
No—we use only fresh, locally produced butter (or dairy free equivalents--see previous question).  For this
reason, we can’t offer you pure white butter cream frosting, but we can promise you it will be scrumptious!
(and a delicate shade of ivory).  If you would like a pure white frosting, we recommend our delicious
fondant icing
(read about fondant here).

Will you work with my florist if I decide to have fresh flowers on the cake?
Yes—once you’ve decided on the cake details, we’ll contact your florist to give them the necessary
information for ordering; you will be billed by your florist.  When we deliver the cake to your reception, we
will prep and arrange the flowers on the cake.  We offer this service at no additional charge to you.

What if our guest count goes up or down after we sign the contract?
We'll ask you for your final guest count about four weeks before the wedding date, and base your final
invoice on that number.  After two weeks before the wedding date, you will not be able to change your
cake order.

When do we have to make the final payment?
Your initial deposit secures your date; the remaining balance may be paid at any time up to two weeks
before your wedding day.

What types of payment do you accept?
Click here to view our payment options

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